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Scholarly Research Tutorial: B. Getting Your Hands On It

Wondering where to start finding sources for a paper? Not sure where to go beyond Google? Start here for a quick tutorial in effective research methods for scholarly papers.

Home Stretch!


We've finally arrived at step 5 of the research process: retrieving your chosen resource.  (Or, in layman's terms: turning that database record into an article you can actually read!)


If your article is in full-text in Academic Search Premier, then it will be available to read on-screen or attached to the database record as a PDF.  That's it -- you've retrieved it and you're done.

Here is what full-text availability will look like in most of our databases:



Academic Search Premier is partially full-text: you'll find lots of records with PDF attachments, but not every article will be right there. You may be tempted to abandon it if a full-text option doesn't appear in your search results. However, just because one database doesn't have your article in full-text doesn't mean it's not available in another database!

So how do you check if it is? 

Two more tips for article retrieval:

  1. ILL: Unavailable articles can be requested through Interlibrary Loan.  Request only if you really need that specific article and no acceptable alternates are available. (Processing time: 2 days - 2 weeks.)
  2. Get Help: If you're struggling, contact a librarian -- we're all about smoothing the process!