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Work Study Quick Reference: Disciplinary Action & Dismissal

Information necessary for library work study students, including information on ongoing tasks, new programs, and reminders for ongoing processes.

General Disciplinary Procedures

Student employees are subject to disciplinary procedures. Disciplinary procedures are to encourage employees to strive for correction and prevent more serious measures. 

Student employees can be dismissed without cause at any time. For less serious infractions, supervisors may follow this procedure:

  1. Oral Warning
  2. Written Warning (will be placed in student's file)
  3. Dismissal

Oral Warning

Oral Warning

The student employee and supervisor will have a sit down meeting. The supervisor will review with the student the expectations the student employee has failed to meet. The supervisor and the student employee wil then discuss how to make corrections and record date and time of the interview.

Grounds for Oral Warning

  • Insubordination.
  • Failure to report to work on time or tardiness.
  • Lack of proper attire or unprofessional attitude.
  • Unauthorized breaks.
  • Violation of safety rules.
  • Poor job performance.
  • Violation of attendance policies.
  • Any other non-serious infraction of the Library's policies listed under the guidelines and expectations.

Written Warning

Written Warning

A Written Warning is given to a student explaining that if improvement is not made, the student will be dismissed. This should be discussed with the student, and signed by both student and supervisor. Written warnings are also submitted to the Human Resources and Financial Aid Offices. 

Grounds for Written Warning

  • No improvement after oral warnings.
  • A third oral warning of any kind may result in a written warning and/or dismissal.

Student Supervisors and the Library Director will determine the severity of the offense to determine a written warning.

Probationary Period

As a consequence for a written warning, students are placed on probation for a period of time decided by the supervisor. If the conditions or behaviors prompting the written warning improve, probation will be lifted and the student worker returned to good standing. If those conditions or behaviors do not improve, the student worker may be selected for dismissal.



A dismissal is a termination of the student's library employment. The supervisor will give the employee the written notice of dismissal and a copy will be placed in the employee's file in the supervisor's office and a copy submitted to the Human Resources Office. This sheet must be signed and dated by the student employee supervisor, the area coordinator, and the student. Termination procedures will also be followed.

Grounds for Immediate Dismissal

  • Infraction of attendance policies.
  • Negligence in performing duties assigned.
  • An accumulation of infractions regarding policies.
  • Theft of ANY KIND will result in immediate dismissal.
  • Reporting to work under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol will result in immediate dismissal. 
  • Insubordination (failure to comply with a reasonable request). 
  • Falsifying time records.



The student supervisor must be notified with a reason and effective date of resignation. A two-week notice, beginning on the effective date of resignation, is requested but not required. Exceptions to this policy include class schedule changes, medical leaves, and the discretion of the supervisor.