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Work Study Quick Reference: Confidentiality and Patron Privacy

Information necessary for library work study students, including information on ongoing tasks, new programs, and reminders for ongoing processes.

Patron Confidentiality

The Keleher Learning Commons respects the privacy of all patrons; as such, under no circumstances may workers give out a patron's personal information.

Requests for a patron's personal information should never be honored. Personal information includes, but is not limited to:

  • Circulation records for any person other than the requestor
  • Identification of students who borrowed reserved items
  • Circulation records of students suspected of plagiarism
  • Interlibrary loan borrowing records
  • Personal information (addresses, phone numbers, etc.) of people in the patron database
  • Non-university associated library users
  • Fines and fees of a student requested by a parent without the student's permission
  • The name of a person who has checked out a particular item
  • Review of past users of an item or book
  • The nature of a patron's reference request or database search
  • The names of persons who have used DVD or Reserve materials
  • A list of articles photocopied or emailed to a patron
  • A list of suggested acquisitions submitted by a patron
  • The identity of anyone conducting research on a particular subject

Confidentiality Agreement