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Work Study Quick Reference: Check Out Equipment

Information necessary for library work study students, including information on ongoing tasks, new programs, and reminders for ongoing processes.

How to Checkout Items without Reservations (MOST COMMON TYPE OF CHECKOUT!)

Link and Login for LibCal Equipment Checkout

1. Go to the USM Library LibCal page: This is the public side of the Equipment manager, and this is what users see when they want to reserve equipment.

2. At the very bottom of the screen, click on the link that says "Login to LibApps" or "Dashboard."

3. Login with the username and PW: libraryw3lcome

4. Click on Equipment.

5. You are now looking at the staff side of the Equipment Manager. Equipment is divided into Categories for easy viewing and retrieval.

How to Reserve Equipment

When Laptops are Returned

When laptops are returned:

  1. Check in the laptop in LibCal.
  2. Return the laptop to it's numbered space in the laptop carts.
  3. Plug the laptop into the charger (should be in the back of the slot, if not, turn the cart around to open the rear doors and find the appropriate charger). 
  4. Write the time returned on a red dry erase magnet. Laptops need to have been returned more than 2 hours ago to be fully charged and ready to check out again.

How to Check In Equipment

How to Check out Reserved equipment

How to Cancel an Equipment Reservation