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Library Update: Library Crafts

What's going on in the library? We'll tell you here!

Why Crafts?

Because everyone needs a break. 

Because creative work stimulates your brain.

Because holiday decorations make the library more attractive.

My Christmas Wish

Decorate a star to display what you're wishing for this Christmas.

Either write your wish or just decorate a star and keep the wish to yourself, but we'll scatter the stars around the front desk and entrance column to add a bit of cheer and dreaming to the end of the fall semester.

Recycled Book Ornaments

The following tutorials from the blog House Revivals will show how to create Swedish Window Stars of various designs from recycled book pages. (Which you may have noticed we have in abundance.)

Just ask at the front desk for supplies, and then choose your design and tutorial.

Simple Star














Design One

Woven star design two














Design Two

Paper Chains

Want something a little less involved than the paper star ornaments? Our book and artificial Christmas trees could always use some recycled paper chains!

Your Ideas

Do you have a craft project you'd like to try? A tutorial we should consider adding to this page? 

Send us an email at with a link to your project or a short description of the project and materials required.