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Career Readiness: Cover Letters

A guide for researching careers, jobs and sources and help with resumes, cover letters and interviewing.

Writing Your Cover Letter

You will need to revise your cover letter for each job to which you apply.

When you are adapting your cover letter for different jobs, make sure you:

  • Avoid typos: Most employers stop reading a resume or cover letter as soon as they find a typo.
    Have someone else read your cover letter to make sure you have caught all spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Include your contact information: Although your contact information is included on your resume, do not forget to place it in your cover letter, too. Do not make the employer have to search for a way to contact you--put your contact information where it can be seen.
  • Do not use recycled paper: Some recycled papers have spots in them that do not scan well. Many employers scan all incoming cover letters and resumes so that they have a digital copy, and recycled paper can lead to scans that are difficult or impossible to read.

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