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Career Readiness: Interview Attire

A guide for researching careers, jobs and sources and help with resumes, cover letters and interviewing.

Proper Interview Attire--For Women

  • Dark business suit or business pant suit (preferably navy)
  • White or cream-colored center button blouse (not cut too low) or shell, professionally laundered
  • Wear neutral hosiery
  • Conservative jewelry (one ring per hand, modest pearls or necklace, no dangling earrings, pins are OK, no more than one bracelet)
  • Minimal or no perfume
  • Conservative (no wild colors) or no nail polish
  • Modest make-up
  • Professional watch
  • Closed toe pumps
  • Conservative hairstyle, pulled away from the face

Proper Interview Attire--For Men

  • Dark business suit and tie (preferably charcoal, black, or dark navy)
  • White or light colored long-sleeved button-down shirt
  • Conservative, non-flashy power tie that emphasizes your features (avoid wild colors or prints)
  • Conservative jewelry (one ring per hand, no earrings)
  • Minimal or no cologne
  • Always be clean shaven or neatly trim mustaches or beards
  • Go with a conservative hairstyle