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Career Readiness: During the Interview

A guide for researching careers, jobs and sources and help with resumes, cover letters and interviewing.

What Interviewers Look For

  • A lot of facts in a short time
    The interviewer needs enough information to make a decision as to whether the company should invite you to further interviews.
  • Your personality
    First impressions are important. They tell a lot about your poise, ability to communicate, and general social skills.
  • Your interests
    What you want to do and why you want to do it. Your career goals, interest in continuing education, geographic preference, and willingness to relocate.
  • Your qualifications
    Grade point average is important. So are work experience, extracurricular activities, and hobbies. But most important is how all these things relate to your career objectives.

Do & Don't

  • DO Talk about Yourself
    That's what the interview is for. When asked a question, don't just answer yes or no. Take the opportunity to elaborate on your career goals, interests and qualifications.
  • DO Be Honest
    Exaggerations or outright lies are usually attempts to hide some problem that will prevent a good student/company match.
  • DON'T Act
    Just be you. The only employer you will be happy working for is one that likes the real you.
  • DON'T Be Too Casual
    Remember you are interviewing for a professional position. BE ON TIME. Dress appropriately and have your thoughts and questions well organized.

Job Interview Mistakes