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Career Readiness: After the Interview

A guide for researching careers, jobs and sources and help with resumes, cover letters and interviewing.

What to Expect After the Interview

  • Don't expect instant action
    Normally, interviewers don't hire anybody on the spot. Their job is to screen candidates for future interview and hiring decisions.
  • What happens next
    Even when interviewers are impressed with students, they will rarely make promises. That's because they must review your qualifications with the hiring managers before making commitments. 
  • How to help your chances
    Follow up with a thank you note, phone call, or email confirming your interest and reiterating the points you discussed.
  • What if the answer is no
    Sometimes it's obvious from the interview that the student's qualifications and the company's opportunities don't match. In such a case, the interviewer may tell you candidly and courteously that there will be no further action.

How to Follow Up After Your Interviews