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User Experience

What is User Experience Design?
User experience design is the design of the overall experience of users, not just their web experience. Think of this as a holistic thing that goes way beyond just the web site, though the web site is a key element of the experience of any library, company, or organization.

What is Website Usability?

Website usability is the ease of use (or lack thereof) of a website. This is measurable via web site usability testing with users. Testing can be done quickly and efficiently with small numbers of users to great benefit.


10 Useful Usability Findings and Guidelines


Nielsen Norman Group– NN/g is a UX consulting & research firm that regularly publishes articles showcasing the work they do. Jakob Nielsen’s famous newsletter, Alertbox, is found here.– A site from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, provided as a resource for usability testing, evaluation, & a range of other topics.
UX Myths– A collected list of common myths that still exist in the UX field with appropriate references.


Although you will use a theme produced by, you still need to plan your design layout for usability purposes. This is a process that connects your project's mission (humanities) with the technological component (digital). A wireframe design will help you layout a sketch of what your digital exhibit will look out and help you understand the navigational system, searching tools, organizational structure, design elements, site layout and page layout for your story. 

Create a wireframe with pencil and paper or with open source wireframe tools:

Things to consider when creating a wireframe:

  • Understand the digital exhibit's purpose and/or story. 
  • Identify your audience.  
  • Understand the stylistic feature of how you will portray your story (e.g. timeline, multiple-page interaction, scrolling concept). 
  • Plan design elements to add, such as slideshows, galleries, calendars, and other widgets offered. 
  • Plan your navigation strategy. How will your audience search the exhibit (e.g. tags, categories, pages)?
  • Create multiple wireframes to reflect multiple pages used.  

Wireframe Design Examples:


Facebook wall wireframe example from Flairbuilder, 2016. 

Balsamiq, 2016. 

SFA Marketing, 2016.