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Research on the Free Web Tutorial: D. Finding the right web-based search tool

The right tool for the job...

Most search tools are designed to do a particular thing.

Be sure you pick a tool that matches your info need. 


There's an old saying:  to a person with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.  Even though you know and love Google, it isn't always the best, or most suitable tool to find all things on the web. If you need scholarly, academic articles, well, head over to the library web site and look at the databases there 'cause the publishers aren't interested in giving away that intellectual property for free.  If you want a video, YouTube has your back.  Below are is a list of information "needs" and some focused search tools to find them

Info Need Free web tool
Fee web tool
Web Sites
Government Documents by definition, government documents are free, though some government services (such as ERIC or Medline) get repackaged with value-added services and offered for sale.  There is still a free version though.
Software Downloads
  • individual software companies (Microsoft, Adobe...)
Quantitative data/statistics


End of Module 1


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