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Research on the Free Web Tutorial: E. Google Scholar

Free articles on the Web! Sometimes.

Google Scholar

For additional information, check out Google's About Google Scholar and Google Scholar help pages.

What How
How it works            
  • Sends out spiders designed to find information in citation form It searches the surface web, and as much of the deep and hidden web as it can.
  • Ranks results primarily by how many other articles have cited it. So significant, but not necessarily recent, items are at the top.
  • Provides advanced search capabilities for author, journal, date and check boxes for patent and legal searching.
Free web articles
  • If the full-text is on the free web, a link to the right is provided next to the result. 
  • Many citations are pulled from bibliographies and the full-text of the item is not available on the free web.
Fee web articles
  • Provides additional full-text links to subscription databases for partner libraries.
    • Searches done on campus computers to see the links to these additional articles.
    • Searches from computers off campus will not.
    Unavailable through Google No link shown for full-text? Then:
    Other Issues
    • Remember: Google Scholar supplements but does not replace searching subscription-based library databases because:
      • There is rarely enough full-text material to meet your need
      • It is much harder to make Google Scholar list recent sources that are relevant
      • Specialized databases let you search for specific needs in a discipline (e.g. for grade level in education)

    Google Scholar

    Stand on the shoulders of giants


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