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Active Learning Happens in the Library!

Ashley Creek's Poster Presentation for ALA Annual 2018


The Stories We Tell: An Interactive Video Exhibit 

Advanced History Course, HI 201: Historical Methods partnered with the De Paul Library’s Special Collections to utilize the Bernard H. Hall Abraham Lincoln Collection for an interactive digital exhibit called The Stories We Tell. The class chose one primary source from the collection, analyzed and researched the item, and created a video documenting their interpretation and perception of the item throughout the researching process. The students were given four weeks in Special Collections during their class time to view their chosen item, utilize supplementary material in the collection, and wrote a research report documenting their findings of the item. During their time in Special Collections, Ashley Creek, Emerging Technologies Librarian, held a workshop teaching the students about video making skills, video editing, and how to use the library’s video technology available for check out. Brad Beckwith, Marketing Department’s Creative Manager, participated in helping the students create marketing flyers to promote their exhibit piece. The items were digitized and displayed in the main library's gallery with QR codes attached to view and listen to the videos. The posters and videos will be digitally preserved and published in the library’s digital collection on Shared Shelf Commons (see: This project was inclusive and provided student agency to allow the students to feel connected to their project and their voices heard. This was a partnership between Dr. Kyle Anthony and Special Collections Librarian, Lindsay Schettler. 

Fine Arts Courses

Students in an Honors Art Seminar modeled trees using Sculptresse, a free online modeling program. Trees were printed by library staff and the students then assembled both complete trees and printing errors to create an artificial forest art installation.

Honors FYE Pilot Project