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Campus Counseling Services

Fostering healthy wellness growth for your personal success!

Dr. Christina Dunn Carpenter (Dr. Tina)

Dr. Tina has been USM Campus Counselor since July 2018.  As she is new to the Kansas and MO area, she received her LPC license and is completing her LCPC with a target date of December.  Dr. Tina has worked in higher education since 1998 at several college institutions across the west and midwest, and enjoys watching young adults grow into their unique selves.  She completed her Masters in Counseling Psychology at University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, and her PhD in Higher Education at Iowa State University in Ames, IA.  She has spent the past 20+ years as a counseling support to students; provided administrative oversight to student services including overseeing counseling, advising, career and assessment personnel; and has taught college psychology courses throughout this tenure.  Dr. Tina's passion is helping individuals grow through their experiences and build upon their own unique skills, abilities and personality to become their true selves.  Young adults experience many transitions in their lives, particularly when they choose to attend college and challenge themselves; it can be a difficult time for individuals, but an excellent time for growth..  Dr. Tina utilizes a variety of modalities for working with individuals as each individual is unique - she extends empathy, understanding, active listening and encounters each individual coming from a place of acceptance, support, and non-judgment; she operates from a very strong belief that all individuals deserve respect and kindness - the very essence of human dignity.  Dr. Tina is certified in family systems therapy and trauma treatment, and has a passion for supporting any and all individuals, including those who are marginalized by society.  We are all equal, and our experiences, personal values and abilities contribute to creating an amazing culture and community in which all can thrive and become our best, unique selves!

Savannah Fillion - USM Campus Counseling Intern


Savannah graduated from the University of Saint Mary in 2018, where she was able to work a semester with veterans at the Leavenworth VA. Focusing on co-occurring disorders, she realized her passion for working with individuals that experience a feeling of defeat, brokenness, or misunderstanding. Through this experience, Savannah found it rewarding to bring healing and growth to young and older adults. She is now a student in the MA in Counseling Psychology program at USM.

               Savannah believes there is no one-size fits all approach to therapy. People’s experiences, pain, and their collection of stories are unique. Just as they are a unique person. Savannah approaches therapy with multicultural sensitivity that allows her to work with each person as who they are to understand what exactly they are experiencing. In her time with the USM Campus Counseling Services, she wants to hear student’s stories. Whatever their story is, she wants to provide a place for it and for them to feel understood and unconditionally accepted. Upon hearing their story, Savannah hopes to provide students with skills and strategies to cope with past, present, or future issues and implement these skills and coping strategies into their daily life.