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Spiro's HERO

A federally funded grant program at USM to addresses sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking on USM’s campus through prevention and education efforts.

Making a Report

If you are currently in a dangerous situation or are witnessing something dangerous call 911 or campus security at 913-683-5201.

There are a few ways for you to make a report of sexual violence, domestic/dating violence, or stalking. You can make a report on behalf of yourself or someone else. If you saw something that you "aren't quite sure about" but that made you worried you can also make a report. There are no consequences or punishments for any reports that end up not turning up anything dangerous.

Also remember, USM has in place an amnesty policy, which means that if you see something happening, or if something has happened to you, and you are worried about contacting anyone for help because you are afraid you may get in trouble for violating the schools alcohol/drug or other policy, you will not. 


You can make an ANONYMOUS report through USM's online reporting site and choosing "Report a Title IX Incident" or by going directly to the form here.

Going through the reporting page, you do not have to include your personal information. However, the more information you can give the better USM will be able to address the incident.


By reaching out directly to the Title IX Coordinator you can file a report.

Most people who work at USM, including faculty (teachers), staff, and GA's are Responsible Employees, which means that if they learn of an incident of sexual assault, domestic/dating violence, or stalking that they are required to inform the Title IX Coordinator.

You can learn more about USM's Title IX Policy and what the process looks like.

You can also learn more about USM's Sexual and Gender-based Harassment, Sexual Violence, Relationship and Interpersonal Violence and Stalking Policy.


You can file a report with your local law enforcement by calling 911 or by calling the non-Emergency line.

In Leavenworth, you can call Leavenworth Police Department's non-Emergency line 8am-5pm 913-682-4411