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Campus Counseling Services

Fostering healthy wellness growth for your personal success!

Campus Counseling Services

 Welcome to Campus Counseling Services

During college years, students face a variety of challenges that affect growth and development.  At times, conflicts and problems can arise and prevent students from realizing their full potential.  As the Campus Counselor, I work with students to discuss, explore, understand, and work through their concerns freely and confidentially, addressing personal, academic and career aspects for an individual.  In addition to myself as the counselor on staff, referrals are occasionally made to the community mental health center or psychologists in private practice, as well as a practicum student when available.

I work with individuals in the following Mental Wellness areas:

  • Increase self-confidence;
  • Overcome loneliness;
  • Cope more effectively with stress;
  • Develop more satisfying relationships;
  • Control test anxiety;
  • Study more effectively;
  • Change unhealthy eating habits;
  • Deal with problems involving alcohol or drug use or abuse;
  • Diagnosis
  • And more...


In addition to personal and academic counseling, I provide career counseling support assisting students at all stages of the career planning process, supporting them on their journey to recognizing their God-given potential, and preparing them for value-centered careers.  I look forward to working with you to achieve success and live a value-centered, healthy lifestyle!

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If you would like to meet, please schedule an appointment with the scheduler below.  Have a wonderful day!

Dr. Tina


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