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Snapchat Hide and Seek: Home

How to play Snapchat Hide and Seek!

Rules for players

Snapchat Hide and Seek!

January 23 @ 7:30pm - Maria Hall first floor lounge

We'll meet in the Maria first floor lounge. Here we'll split into teams and this is also where we'll meet between rounds to reset!

Play is open to EVERYONE! Not just residential students!

  • Open up Snapchat on your phones and make sure you can see the StMary Hide and Seek geostory. Announcements and clues will be posted so pay attention and refresh!
  • Split into 2 groups: Hiders and Seekers. Seekers can form teams, Hiders cannot! No more than 2 people per Seeker team.
  • Each round will go for 10 minutes. An announcement will be sent out on the StMary Hide and Seek story when the round is over. Everyone will return to Maria first floor lounge to start the next round!
  • Every round roles swap. Hiders become Seekers and Seekers will become Hiders.
  • We’ll play 4 or 5 rounds before returning back to Maria first floor lounge for snacks!

Rules for players:

Hiders – hide in main areas of Maria Hall, the Keleher Learning Commons, and the tunnel. No hiding in dorm rooms or offices!

  1. After being told “go," head to your first location and get there within 1 minute. Post a photo/video of your location within 10 seconds of getting there to the StMary Hide and Seek story. Stay there for at least 20 more seconds. You can ONLY move on to a new hiding spot AFTER being in your spot for at least 20 seconds.
  2. Find a new hiding spot! Remember! Once you get to your new spot, post a photo/video of your location within 10 seconds to the StMary Hide and Seek story feature. Again, stay in your hiding spot for at least 20 seconds before moving on. 
  3. Keep repeating until you are found or the game is over! If you are found, post an announcement on the StMary Hide and Seek story feature and head back to the first floor Maria lounge until the new round begins.
  4. Do not give away another player’s location! That’s poor Snapchat sportsmanship.
  5. While you can hide with other people, hiding teams are NOT allowed.

Seekers – look for Hiders using the StMary Hide and Seek story feature

  1. After being told “go," the Hiders get 1 minute to hide. After 1 minute, use the StMary Hide and Seek story feature to find your Hiders!
  2. Only look for people who are using the StMary Hide and Seek story.
  3. Do not take photos of other players without their permission (meaning if you find them, but they do not want you to post the announcement or take a photo of them, respect their wishes).
  4. You CAN seek in teams but no more than 2 people per Seeking team.
  5. Remember! Refresh your page to get new clues on Hiders on the StMary Hide and Seek Snapchat story

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