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Honors FYE

Digital Humanities

  • What is Digital Humanities?
  • Defining Digital Humanities: A Reader
  • A 3-Step Introduction to Digital Humanities for Library-Dwellers
  • Digital Humanities FlipBoard
    Special thanks to the University of Tennessee and University of Minnesota Duluth for this list of DH Resources. 

Supplemental Resources: Image, Video, & Sound Repositories

Supplemental Resources: Data Repositories

  • Data Dryad 
    • Accessible by all users
    • Accessible by all users
  • OECD iLibrary (formerly SourceOECD) 
    • Available on-campus (guest access in library). Off-campus access with UMD credentials
    Online full-text of all publications and serials from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) from 1998 to present; also includes a large collection of data sets
  • (REgistry of REsearch Data REpository) 
    • Accessible by all users
  • Stanford University Digital Depositories 
    • Accessible by all users
  • World Wide Science 
    • Accessible by all users
  • JSTOR Data for Research 
    • Accessible by all users