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Honors FYE

Project Timeline

April 10 (M): Special Collections Tour and Introduction to Digitization (show digitization process) and Introduce Digital Exhibit Project 
April 12 (W): Digital Exhibit Project: Instructions/Project Layout, Create Groups and Identify Group Roles, introduce Shared Shelf and WordPress
April 14 (F): Easter Break 
April 17 (M): Digital Exhibit Project: Content Development, Build Script, Workshop day
April 19 (W): Digital Exhibit Project: Design Wireframe and Usability
April 21 (F): Digital Exhibit Project: Workshop Day
April 24 (M): Digital Exhibit Project Design: Copyright & Citation Instructions, Workshop Day
April 26 (W): Digital Exhibit Project Design: Workshop Day
April 28 (F): Digital Exhibit Project Design: Workshop Day
May 1st (M): Final Practice/Run Through Day Digital Exhibit Projects 
May 3rd (W): Digital Exhibit Project Presentations and Lunch: Open to entire University

Digital Exhibit Project Rubric