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Active Learning Happens in the Library!

Ashley Creek's Poster Presentation for ALA Annual 2018

Prior to the 2015-2016 academic year, the space that would become the Steelcase Active Learning Center had been underutilized as a staff area.

Previous layout of Steelcase Active Learning Center when still used for staff and technical services

During the summer of 2015, librarians cleared out the space and used folding tables and chairs to market the newly-cleared space as a makeshift classroom and event space. 

Steelcase Active Learning Center prior to renovation

In the spring of 2016, University of Saint Mary librarians, in collaboration with faculty and administrators, applied for the Steelcase Education Active Learning Center Grant to fund an active learning classroom in the library, an award worth $62,000. USM became one of 13 recipients of this highly competitive (over 800 applications were submitted in 2016) grant, and to date we are the only library to have received this award. 

For USM's Grant Report Narratives, supporting documents, and the 2016 grant application packet, see:

Ashley Creek, Emerging Technologies Librarian, Teaching a Class on Game Design and Programming

Honors First Year Experience Students Present Their Digital Exhibits

Students and faculty play the board game Pandemic

Epidemiology class plays Pandemic to discuss how international agencies combat the global spread of virulent disease

Science and mathematics students study in the Steelcase Active Learning Center

Science and Mathematics Students Study in the Active Learning Center