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Library Policies

Display of Materials

Display of materials

USM groups, organizations, and departments are welcome to post flyers throughout the library using painter's tape. Please do not post political or fundraising materials. The library does not allow posting of materials from external organizations not affiliated with USM.

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Library Space Usage Policy

Library Space Usage Policy

  • Events and event setup must be conducted during normal library business hours unless prior arrangement have been established with library staff.
  • If you would like assistance with the library technology, please contact Danielle prior to the event date and time to receive guidance. There are three televisions available w/HDMI cables, laptops, iPads, Chrome books, a presenter clicker, a wireless mouse and wireless keyboard for the Active Learning Center presenter station, a portable DVD player, and an interactive whiteboard pen.
  • If you want a microphone w/speakers for your event, you must coordinate that with Information Services at A podium is available.
  • If your setup is for more than 50 people, you must request the space via email to Danielle and receive confirmation and then request your setup to be conducted by maintenance at  Library staff will provide setup assistance for meetings/classes 49 participants and less only. 24 plastic tables and 100 stacking chairs are available in the library for events, as well as the normal library furniture.
  • Food and drink is allowed to be brought into the library spaces. Catering for events held in the library is also allowed. Please coordinate that with the USM Catering department and share specifics with Danielle.
  • Utensils, napkins, plates, and other food-paraphernalia must be provided by event organizers. The library is not able to supply these items.
  • All trash must be placed in the trash bins after your event. Library staff will not pick up trash from your participants. In the event of food or drink spillage, please contact Library staff. 
  • Library spaces should be returned to their previous condition and setup after your scheduled event.