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Curating an Active Learning Ecosystem: A Model: USM Sparks! Grant Schedule of Completion

USM Sparks! Ignition Grants for Libraries Schedule of Completion


USM Center for Active Learning Schedule of Completion

Activity 2016 2017
  Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug
Technology and storage materials chosen, ordered, and processed; IRB approval obtained.                      
Space dedicated for The Center for Active Learning.                      
Honors students trained to use Center for Active Learning Technology.                      
USM Active Learning Advisory Board (USMALAAB) prepares active learning training program and first session.                      
ALCTA conducts technology workshops highlighting tools from the Center for Active Learning.                      
Active Learning Professional Development Workshop for USM community.                      
Service Learning Project begins with software and material introduction. Digital curation (material selection and narrative creation) starts. Service learning students attend technology workshops hosted by ALCTA.                      
Library hosts expert on active learning for the benefit of USM and local community.                      
Build digital exhibit using open source platform and create poster for final presentation.                      
USMALT reports results and provides additional active learning training to USM CoP.                      
Honors students present poster and digital exhibit at the Regional National Collegiate Honors Conference.                      
Projects results compiled and dissemination plan implemented.