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Tools for Effective Writing

Everything you need to become successful in your academic writing.

Writing for Nurses

Why a writing course in nursing?  If you hated writing essays in high school or college and think you made an escape by going into nursing where you would work only with your heart and hands; think again.  The ability to write well is an essential skill to succeed in almost any field, including nursing. Nurses write documentations, clinical notes and journals about their patients, careplans, interviews, etc.  Besides writing as part of nursing practice, contributing to the knowledgebase in your discipline or communicating to advocate for better health care, or for better funding, and more...are all good reasons to learn to write well.

Barbara Hafer, Pennsylvania treasurer, has this to say about writing as one of the tools in nursing.  "While writing is as indispsensable a tool to the professional nurse as the stethoscope, thermometer or BP cuff, it is more powerful because of its ability to bring about change..."

Writing Tools