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Student Success



All USM students can receive assistance AND students admitted to USM conditionally or those students placed on financial aid probation and/or academic probation.


The Student Success Liaison Team works with students to assist in the determination of the support and success services needed by identifying and connecting appropriate programs or resources for students from their first semester until graduation.


The Keleher Learning Commons


An Academic Success Coach provides support to at-risk USM students identified by USM staff and faculty, including probationary and conditionally admit students by:

  • Creating individualized success plans
  • Monitoring students’ progress through grade and attendance reports and
  • Facilitating appropriate intervention activities for students considered at risk throughout academic semesters
  • Serving as liaison with the Athletic Department to coordinate student-athlete academic readiness activities, such as structured study halls for all student-athletes


Achievement of USM's retention goals for students in collaboration with faculty, athletic department, administration, and staff. This is accomplished through developing reliable reporting metrics for use in analyzing academic readiness, persistence, and retention strategies success across multiple student groups.