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PaperCut: PowerPoints and PaperCut

This guide will show you how to use PaperCut for on-campus wireless printing at the University of Saint Mary, including a page on how to print PowerPoint presentations as handouts.

Print PowerPoint Handouts by Creating a PDF Version

Disclaimer: This method only works on PCs, not Macs. As of right now, I don't have a solution for Mac PowerPoint users.

1. Open the presentation in PowerPoint.

2. Click the File tab and choose Save As. 

3. Choose the location where you want to save the file to be uploaded to PaperCut. (My Documents, Desktop, Dropbox, etc.)

4. Change the dropdown menu next to "Save as type:" from PowerPoint Presentation to PDF

5. Click on the box labeled "Options..." that appears between the file type and Save button. 

6. For multiple slides per page, change the "Publish what:" dropdown menu from Slides to Handouts and select the number of slides to print per page.

If you're giving a presentation and want to see your slides with your notes printed below each slide, choose Notes pages instead.

7. Click OK. Then click Save from the Save As box. Your PDF file should be created and will open. 

8. Upload the PDF file (powerpointname.pdf) to PaperCut to print. 

If you send the .ppt file, it will print one slide per page.

Printable PowerPoint Printing Guide