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PaperCut: How to Print

This guide will show you how to use PaperCut for on-campus wireless printing at the University of Saint Mary, including a page on how to print PowerPoint presentations as handouts.

How to Print

First, go to in any web browser. 

If you see either of these screens, choose the option indicated by the arrow.


1. Enter your username and password (the same as your USM email account). 

2. Select Web Print from the menu 

3. On the right side of the screen, select 

4. Select the printer you would like to use from the list of printers: 

5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select 

6. Enter the number of copies you would like to print, then click 

7. Browse for the document on your computer. (Typical folders include "My Documents," Desktop," and "Dropbox.")

PaperCut CANNOT print from the web. You'll need to save web documents to your computer in order to print them.

8. After you have selected your file, click 

9. If you see this screen, your print request has been successful: 

If you've sent your document to a printer that is also a copier (like the Library and Commuter Lounge printers), you'll then need to log in on the printer in order to release your document. (Very good for confidential information!)

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