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Special Collections: Special Collections Instruction & Outreach

University of Saint Mary's Le Beau Special Collections

Instruction & Outreach

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Instructors interested in arranging an instruction or consultation session should contact:

Ashley Creek, Director of the Keleher Learning Commons


Please allow several weeks for us to make arrangements before the actual instruction class. 

Special Collections Instruction

Instruction and Outreach

Keleher Learning Commons' Special Collections encourage the use of its collections in undergraduate and graduate classes, community programs, and for the general public. We would like to build an active instruction program with the USM faculty, students, and staff and will need your help. Special Collections can host a diverse range of classes that use our collections for research assignments, course work, and class projects. Keleher Learning Commons has already had a successful year with introducing library instruction and information literacy to its fellow colleagues and students. We would like to add to this success by offering Special Collections instruction. We would offer a suite of options including: informal instruction services such as research consultation sessions for students and faculty, general orientation sessions for classes doing original primary source research, and specialized sessions with hands-on examination of archival materials in a classroom setting. 

Types of Instruction

  • Introduction to Keleher Learning Commons' Special Collections: This session includes basic information on what special collections we offer, what special collections is, and how primary source and printed material can be utilized for student research. This session can be tailored to specific course topics. 
  • Topic Specific: This session is tailored to the specific course topic, project, or subject matter given by the professor. Special Collections will include a more in-depth look at select topics relating to the individual course. Session ideas:
    • Approaching the Thirteenth Amendment as an Artifact is a session that focuses on using an artifact as a primary source. Students will learn to investigate and assess information, content theory, draw new conclusions, evaluate the information, and interpret. 
    • Class Exhibit: Building Analytical Skills through Special Collections is a project that can be done in one session or build on multiple sessions to complete an exhibit that will be displayed in the commons. This project will give the students an opportunity to explore the special collections in the context of their subject matter, choose material that will portray their topic, and develop the exhibit to share with USM. This project explores issues of authority and bias, builds analytical skills using primary sources, and promotes understanding validity and reliability of information.
  • Consultations: These meetings may include course planning with faculty or student research planning. 
  • Special Collections Tours: We encourage faculty, staff, and students to arrange a tour with Ashley Creek, Director of the KLC.