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Congrats on Your New Federal Work Study Job! We've covered the very basics and are safe to start working!

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You're Hired!

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You're Hired! Now What?

You've signed your award letter, checked out the job listings, applied, interviewed, and finally you've been hired as a University of Saint Mary Federal Work Study student. 


But what comes next?

Don't worry, we'll give you some guidance to help you along your journey. 

This module is the first of several designed to orient you to some basic rules, provide a foundation of work skills, and branching out into opportunities to grow and develop your skill sets and gain responsibility and prestige among your work study peers. 

For each module you complete by passing the certification quiz, you'll earn a badge. These allow your supervisors, peers, and others to visually track your skills and interests...and they might just pave the way to special perks and projects tailored to you. 

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