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Tools for Effective Writing

Everything you need to become successful in your academic writing.

Off-campus Access

When logging into e-resources off-campus, students must use their email username (first.last) and then enter their email password to access these resources. Faculty and staff would use their email username (last name and then numeric values) and then their email username to access the resources.

Student example: john.smith

Faculty/Staff example: smith123

Please email for more help, if needed.

Already Have a Citation?

If you already have an article citation and want to see if we have full text access to that journal, check out the list of USM Library Journals with full text. 

Search for the journal title to discover which databases have full text available for the year your desired article was published.

If we don't have access to the article's full text directly, submit an interlibrary loan request to get a copy of the article in 2-14 days.