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Citing Sources: Mendeley Citation Management

Need to cite an article in APA? Figure out in text citations for MLA? Format footnotes in Chicago? These resources will go a long way in making sure your work is properly cited and professor-approved.


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Mendeley Tutorials

PubMed and Web Import Tool

You can use the Web Importer to capture citations from Pubmed and save them directly to Mendeley. Mendeley’s one-click web importer enables you to add references (and their PDF documents) to your Mendeley reference library from within your favorite browser. All you need to do is add the web bookmarklet to your browser bar and you will be able to easily add documents to your library from a growing selection of websites like PubMed, IEEE Xplore, Google Scholar, PLoS, just to name a few.

Exporting from an EBSCO Database to Mendeley

When you are using the EBSCO interace to access our databases, such as CINHAL, you can export citations to be saved in citations managers such as Zotero and Mendeley. The following are instructions on how to do this.

From the Export Manager, you can save or e-mail citations in a format compatible with your bibliographic management software. 

To save citations in bibliographic manager format:

  1. From the citation result , click "Export" on the Tool Menu. 

    The Export Manager panel will appear.

    Export - Save


  2. Save citations to Direct Export in RIS Format

    Select the option, Direct Export in RIS Formant and click Save.

    Note where you save the file on your computer so you can locate it later when you need to import the citation into Zotero or Mendeley. 

  1. Open Zotero or Mendley to Import the citation.

    Locate the Zotero or Mendely program on computer and open it, then follow the steps below to import the citation.

    Import RIS File into Zotero

    1. Click the "File" Menu in Zotero.
    2. Select the "Import" option
    3. Locate the "RIS" file you saved, and open it to import the citation into Zotero. 


    Import RIS file into Mendeley

    1. Click the "File" menu in Meneley

    2. Select "Import..."

    3. Select "RIS - Research Information Systems"

    4. Locate the "RIS" file and open it to import the citation into Mendeley.