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Spiro's HERO

A federally funded grant program at USM to addresses sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking on USM’s campus through prevention and education efforts.

On-Campus Resources

Confidential Resources

A confidential resources is a special designation on campus. A confidential resource is someone who will keep whatever you tell them private, and will not go on to give your information to the school administration, campus security, your teachers, your parents, or anyone else without your permission.

During this time, even if you are currently off campus or out of state, both the Campus Counselor* and the Campus Minister are still available to you as resources for any crisis you may be going through or concern that you may have. 
*Remote counseling sessions may not be available if you are outside the states of Kansas or Missouri. If you are having trouble or have questions about getting help in your state, reach out the Dr. Dunn-Carpenter and she will work to connect you with a provider that is local to you.
Campus Counseling - Dr. Christina Dunn-Carpenter
​Campus Ministry - Jennifer Quick
All resources listed on the "Off Campus Resources" page are also Confidential.

​Non-Confidential Resources

These resources are required to inform Title IX about any disclosures regarding sexual violence OR investigate the allegation. However, if Title IX were to reach out to you about the incident you are not required to follow through with reporting.

Title IX Coordinator - Donald Stubbings
Responsible Employees at USM
  • most faculty (teachers), staff, GAs and other people who work at USM are designated as responsible employees which means they must report any incident that they learn about, through whatever means, to the Title IX Coordinator.

Safety Resources

Campus Safety and Public Security
  • 24/7 - 913-683-5201
  • Maria Hall Dorm 1st Floor
Leavenworth Police Department
  • 911

Leavenworth & Local Resources

Confidential Medical Resources

These resources are also confidential. Any information that these groups get from or about you will not be sent to your school, family, employer, or anyone else without your permission. These medical resources will provide you with access to a SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) nurse who can check you for injuries, perform a rape kit to collect evidence, and provide you with other health interventions as you may need or want. 

During this time we are know that it may be hard to find an emergency room or urgent care that isn't overwhelmed by COVID-19 cases, or you may feel discouraged from going to an ER for fear of the health of others and yourself. Know that even if you aren't able to get access to an emergency room or a SANE exam, there are other kinds of evidence, such as interviews, text messages, photos, etc that can be used if you did want to go forward with an investigation.
St. Luke’s Cushing Hospital
AdventHealth (formerly Shawnee Mission) Medical Center