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Research on the Free Web Tutorial: 3. Wikipedia

Learning Outcomes

At the end of Module #3, students will be able to:

  • Understand what Wikipedia is and how it functions
  • Determine how to use Wikipedia in academic work.
  • Use features of Wikipedia beyond the main articles.

What - a - pedia?

"Wiki" is Hawaiian for quick and refers to a type of web-based software which allows users to create content collaboratively.  Wikis* are usually social efforts to construct a knowledge base around some theme.  Wikipedia is the best known example of a wiki and it uses the most common wiki software available. 

Why are we talking about Wikipedia? Well, as with Google, we all use it frequently, and so need to set this amazing collective encyclopedia in its place in our academic information landscape.  We also want you to understand the structure, capabilities, and limitations of this type of social media software.  Because as information creators -- yeah, we're lookin' at you! -- it's hard to play if you don't understand the rules.

* Examples of wikis: 


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